Get to Know the Pune Tigers - Pro Roll Ball Edition!

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Sports offers us some of the greatest moments in history, and sometimes, some of the greatest moments of our lives. Probably because sport has an inherent drama, it grabs our attention and keeps us wanting for more. We all have that one favourite player, our hero. Our one favourite game. Our one favourite team.

I started SportsIndi – The Online Sports Hub with an aim to connect people through sports. We all connect through entertainment, festivities and celebrations but nothing unifies the country and sometimes the globe like rooting for that one Olympic athlete or that one NFL or IPL team.

At Sportsindi, sport is at the heart of everything we do. Along with my team, I have created a platform that allows players to connect with professionals. The fitness conscious to connect with fitness communities and sports enthusiasts to connect with each other. We want to create a sports community that supports, encourages and entertains everyone.

Join us on our journey to Discover the magic of sports.

Supriya Badve CEO & Founder Sportsindi
Executive Director Belrise Industries Limited (Erstwhile known as Badve Engineering Limited )
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सीनियर राष्ट्रीय वूशु स्पर्धा का रंगारंग शुभारंभ ।

आल महाराष्ट्र वूशु संघ के सचिव श्री सोपान कटके द्वारा दी जानकारी अनुसार दिनांक 26 जून से 1 जुलाई 2023 तक श्री शिव छत्रपती स्पोर्ट्स

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Sportsindi Team

गिरिप्रेमीच्या ‘पी क्यूब माउंट मेरू मोहीमे’चा संघ रवाना; ४० दिवसांची शिखर चढाई मोहीम

पुणे: गिरिप्रेमी या भारतातील अग्रणी गिर्यारोहण संस्थेच्या ‘पी क्यूब माउंट मेरू’ या ही चढाई होणार असून या मार्गाने या आधी भारतीय मोहीम आयोजित केलेली नाही.

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