Thergaon: Books distributed to State & National Level Kabaddi Players

A special event organized by Mr. Bansi Atave at PCMC Secondary School, Thergaon recently to support the achievements of their kabaddi players who have excelled at the state and national levels.

Distribution of competitive exam books to the talented athletes done by the hand of Supriya Badve, Director of Sportsindi and Executive Director of Belrise Industries Limited, who is actively involved in promoting sports and supporting athletes in their career development and creating sports ecosystem. Her presence at the event was a significant motivation for the young kabaddi players who aspire to excel in their chosen field.

The event also featured a special lecture on “Sports and Career” delivered by Mr. Anil Lohar, A.P.I. Wakad Police Station. Mr. Lohar, provided valuable professional guidance to the athletes, emphasizing the importance of balancing sports and academics for a successful career.

The event was graced by the presence of several other esteemed dignitaries, including Mr. Dattatray Zinjurde, an International Kabaddi Umpire and Chief Executive of Pune District Kabaddi Association, Mr. Dnyaneshwar Tambe, a Social Worker, Mr. Babasaheb Rathod, Principal of Secondary School Thergaon, Mr. Krushnakant Takale, Assistant Teacher at Secondary School Thergaon, Mrs. Sonali Jadhav, a National Kabaddi Player and Coach, Mr. Santosh Barne, Mr. Kalidas Landge, a Wrestling Coach from Mahesh Dada Sports Foundation, Ganesh Lingade and others.

Speaking at the event, Supriya Badve lauded the efforts of the athletes and encouraged them to continue their pursuit of excellence in both sports and academics. She emphasized the importance of discipline, hard work, and dedication in achieving success in any field, and urged the young athletes to dream big and strive for their goals.
Mr. Lohar’s lecture on “Sports and Career” was an eye-opener for the athletes, as he shared valuable insights on how sports can be a stepping stone to a successful career. He highlighted the transferable skills that athletes develop through sports, such as leadership, teamwork, time management, and perseverance, which can be instrumental in their professional life as well.

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