Thrilling Film Show & Experience Sharing of Mt. Meru

Pune, 14th July – In the months of May-June, Pune’s Giripremi team attempted one of the audacious peaks in the Gangotri region of the mighty Garhwal Himalayas named Mt. Meru (6660 meters). The team tried to climb the South summit through the peak’s west face, making this India’s first-ever attempt to reach the summit. Dealing with highly adverse conditions team managed to reach very close to the summit, up to an altitude of 6200 mts. but the team had to retreat considering continuous spells of dreadful weather conditions. The team fought off unpredictable snow storms, continuous snow, and rock fall, minus temperatures, vertical ice walls, and nerve-wracking crevasses with utmost determination for 37 days.

The film of this climbing attempt and the unique grandeur of the Garhwal Himalayas is ready. You will experience the arduous journey from preparations to the height of 6200 mts. which was very close to the summit. Finding a suitable location to camp as no one had been to that area for so long, carrying 1700kg of load from Gangotri to Meru Base camp on your back, Scouting for further camps, Hauling climbing and camping equipment, and ration, Rope fixing on vertical ice walls, Snow avalanches, Climbing through the crevasse field, Climbing on Ice walls using rock climbing equipment, and also shoots of treacherously decisive weather patterns are going to be the attraction of this film for all mountain lovers and enthusiasts. Along with that, the team will be sharing their breathtaking experiences of the expedition after the film show. Team Giripremi Invites all adventure enthusiasts to come to watch this exciting Film and to listen to the thrilling affairs of the team.

The Program will commence at ‘Modern College of Engineering, Shivajinagar Auditorium on 15th July, Saturday, 06-08 PM. This program will be free for all adventure lovers and admission will be ‘First come first serve’ basis. Team Giripremi sincerely urges all mountaineering enthusiasts to attend this film show and experience sharing. Pcube Mt. Meru Film Show and experience sharing.

Day/Date: Saturday, 15th July 2023
Time: 6 to 8 PM
Place: Modern College of Engineering Auditorium, Shivajinagar, Pune
Entry: Free

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